Always, I, for an eternity, stare to a million galaxies away; thinking, how could anything be better? My thoughts consume me while reality vanishes away.

I lose my ego, everything. It feels like glaring to an explosion from a few universes away; it happens in an instant—the experience lasts for long.

Pretty stupid, to be honest. But it’s a mode at high caliber for every single day that passes; something I’ll never tire of.

So, I have decided; daydreaming is one the best perks of life.

I do not agree with teaching both C++ and Java in the same semester. It is redundant and counter-productive. All the students end up learning is the syntax difference rather than learning how to program.


I would prefer that C be used as a teaching language. It teaches students about memory handling with pointers, structs, and dynamic memory allocation. They can move to C++ or Java, but not both, later in the curriculum.

Rad Basa

"You still need a paper,"

On a busy afternoon, while working on a project in one of my university’s faculty, I was prompted for some work; something else other than the project I’m handling. It was really easy, however nobody knew how to use Photoshop.

Preparing the tools took a lot of time, while the work itself took could have taken less than a minute instead of five minutes if only the machines were running on better specs.

They [the requester] kept exalting me; it was glorifying. Although it’s normal for people with low knowledge about computers to praise people knowledgeable of computers as deities (a hyperbole, my dear).

One of the staffs I’ve been with almost all the time I’ve been in the faculty also exalted during the commotion.

"He’s better than his professors,"

"He’s working on our website."

and more lots of things..

Until she mentioned, “he even wants to drop out.”

"You’ll still need a paper, dear," one of the requesters expressed.

I nodded. I simply nodded.

To be honest, I have to agree. However, this isn’t always the case.

Again, I’ll be honest: there are lots of times when I just don’t want to group myself with the graduates. Most of them are shit: they can’t even install a MySQL on their Windows machine (yes, what the actual fuck).

But in a better perspective, I think of school as waste. It consumes most of my time while not offering real life experiences.

Then they said, “Thanks, boy,” while I tinker with the printer with a war going in my mind.

On cults and atheism

Nowadays, the community of atheism is still full of notorious ironic pricks whose rant is being against a deity himself; cults still hasn’t changed: still full of ironic assholes whom obnoxiously spreads the word of a prophet or deity, yet acts against it.

On the contrary (and ironically), I don’t care.