Sunday mornings and nights

During my childhood, Sunday mornings were the best. I used to love the twitting birds in the early ambience. I also used to love sniffing the fresh air coming in and out of our computer cafe.

Going outside was the best as playing inside, as long as it was with peer friends. Just minding nothing; bothered by nothing—not even assignments. It used to be playing Ragnarok or some games with friends all day.

Sometimes, I’d be jogging with some relatives.

It used to be fun.

Did I forget anything?

Oh the night—right.

Sunday nights are the worst. Together with my family, we used to go to the church every Sunday night. Well, not anymore. And, by the way, don’t try to jump to conclusions; they still do.

My heart always shivered while walking with a cold feet. Obviously, this is due to Monday just being Monday. I hated classes — and I will always hate it. I did love classes once — it was during my high school years. Just the sound of going to classes kills me.

Wednesdays suck!

I could be expressing worse things if new manga chapters I’m a fan of weren’t released on the same day.

Technically, my Wednesday schedule is hell-sent. My Cobol class just goes on for 5 hours straight. Cobol isn’t a language I just simply hate, to be frank; I just do not like the fact that I am constricted for 5 hours straight.

Afterwards, an hour-break before 3 hours of another level of hell—Probability and Statistics. Not much to say *creates a new rant blog*

Whatever I said about CS departments holding hackathons

Until my friend commented on that tweet (actually, on the Facebook post; my tweets are automatically posted on my Facebook).

Ano gagawen. Hello world?

He said, which roughly translates to, “What will they be doing, Hello World?”

Which, then, made me eat my own words.